Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog #9 – Goodbye 2010

New Year’s Eve always comes with a ton of pressure. It’s one of those nights that everyone expects to be perfect. Perfect outfit, perfect date, perfect plans, perfect midnight kiss.

You are supposed to be in a hotel ballroom dressed for a red carpet with Cary Grant.

Way too much pressure if you ask me, but I still love New Year’s Eve. I love the feeling of hope I get at midnight, the feeling of having a clean slate and knowing the next year will be better than the one before.

I hadn’t done anything big in three years. It was time to do it up right again. A band that I adore, The Black Keys, was playing three nights in a row at The Aragon Ballroom, which happens to be in our neighborhood. My man & I purchased tickets for New Year’s Eve.

A ton of our friends did too, so one of the girls organized a dinner before the show. We had two big tables at a noodle house close to the venue. After a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine, we moved to one of my favorite bars for another drink or two before on our way to the show.

The venue was packed and it was too difficult to keep the entire group together. So my man & I hung out with another couple towards the back. It turned out to be the perfect spot, as we got amazing pictures of the silver ball that rose up from the sound area at midnight.

And yes, I got that midnight kiss.

After the show, everyone came back to our apartment for a champagne toast and order some pizza. It was a delicious first meal of 2011.

All in all, it was a damn near perfect New Year’s Eve. I didn’t think about the perfect night pressure while we were out. Maybe the pressure was internal, having seen too many old black and white movies with that perfect date night. We were in color and wore jeans and snow boots, but it was fabulous.

Someday I will be in a sequin dress and my man in a tuxedo, and we get those silly party hats and sip champagne all night and the high heels will magically not hurt my feet.

And he will have a Cary Grant accent.

But just until midnight.

Then we will have a midnight kiss and make the next year better than the one before.

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