Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog #8 – A Widow’s Playlist (part 2)

My 2nd “sadiversary” has come and gone. And needless to say, I survived that dreaded day. I survived because I have a wonderful support system, and of course, music.

I started the day by listening to music. After one or two of the songs off of my previous blog post, I switched to happier music that had been released more recently. This is a good way to use music to pick my mood up off the floor. I guess I don’t really have a playlist for part 2 of my life, not yet anyway.

Next on my agenda for the day was having breakfast with a girlfriend of mine. She’s a newer friend, so naturally she wanted to know a bit more about my back story, since she knew the significance of the day. When she started to tear up, my eyes began to water too. You can imagine how awesome we looked with tears in our eyes over our breakfast and coffee. But it felt good to talk about him that day, spreading his story to my new friends.

Our next stop was a comedy improv show raising money for charity. We hung out there for a bit waiting on another girlfriend. This one and I left the first one to enjoy the comedy while we went shopping. Nothing clears the mind like looking for the perfect bargain.

That evening I had dinner and relaxed at home with my boyfriend. It was completely different then the year before. It showed me that each anniversary will get better, will get easier, be a little less painful. This widow is healing.

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